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Resources for 2019-20

General Resources

California State PTA Toolkit:

Web Site Resources

SJU Council PTA:

Sixth District PTA:

CA State PTA:

National PTA:

Calendar Resources

Please subscribe to our SJU Council calendar so that you can get reminders and view upcoming events and milestones.

SJU Council of PTAs Google Calendar:

SJU Council of PTAs Calendar (iCal Format):

Key Financial Resources

All key financial forms are available via the CAPTA toolkit:

Here are some links to key forms your unit will require throughout the year.

Budget Sample:

Treasurer’s  Report:

Annual Financial Report Sample:

Cash Verification Form:

Payment Authorization Form:


Conflict/Whistleblower Form:

Workers Compensation Annual Payroll Report:

Audit Checklist:

Audit Report:

Unit Remittance Form:

School District Financial Data for 2016-17 Available

Visit Ed-Data for detailed revenues and expenditures data on every school district in California. You can also compare school districts. Information available includes:
  • Finances
  • Demographics
  • Staffing
  • Test Results

Sixth District Convention Orientation

Going to convention or not sure, attend one of our two orientations:
March 29 – 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
April 13 – 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Santa Clara Office of Education
San Jose
RSVP or Questions, please contact Shanta Dominguez

California State PTA Convention – Ontario 
2018 California State PTA Annual Convention 
April 27 – 29, 2018 in Ontario
Register early (March 31) for savings
  • Learn New Skills: Take part in workshops and table talks led by dynamic leaders to get up-to-date information to strengthen your PTA
  • General Sessions: Let your voice be heard through participation in the business of California State PTA
  • Free Resources and Giveaways: Visit exhibitors and gain ideas for fundraising, assemblies and more – free samples and prizes
  • Networking: Link up with hundreds of others working on behalf of children and families
  • Celebrate Student Artists: Check out the amazing work of students – student achievements and Reflections artwork on display
  • Shop the PTA Store for the hottest items
  • Recharge your PTA battery – leave convention excited, exhilarated and ready to do great things for kids at your PTA

It’s Election Time!
PTA elections take place in March or April –
your nominating committee should be hard at work!
Your bylaws indicate when your elections are to take place.
Strategies for Filling Boards
PTA leaders rarely come forward to be considered for a position.
personal “ask” or recruitment by a nominating committee member is always more effective than a generic flier asking for volunteers!

Why is the Restaurant Asking Me for a W-9?
Many restaurants ask PTAs to complete IRS Form W-9 in order to schedule dinner night outs or receive payment.
Is the W-9 form the same as the Letter of Determination (LOD) for Tax Exempt Status?
  • No, the two forms have different purposes. With the W-9 you are confirming to the restaurant/business that this really is your PTA’s EIN number.
  • All companies (profit and non-profit) have an EIN, but an EIN doesn’t mean that your PTA is a non-profit. The Letter of Determination (LOD) indicates that the PTA has a tax-exempt status and is a non-profit.
Can we just provide the LOD form?
  • No. You will need to provide the business with the form they have requested.
  • If we do need to use the W-9, where do I get the form?
  • How to fill in the W9:

    1. Name: PTA California Congress of Parents, Teachers, and Students, Inc

    2. DBA – Write in your unit PTA name as listed in your bylaws
    3. Box – would be “Other”; write in “Association 501(c)(3)
    4. Exemptions – there would not be any
    5 and 6. Address – Use the school address
    7. List account numbers (optional) – leave blank
    8. Requester’s name (optional) – This is who is asking for the form (ie restaurant name etc).
    Part 1:  Your PTA’s EIN
    Part 2:  President or treasurer can sign the form. Format is the same as signing for a contract:
    • “Name of PTA as on bylaws by: Name of officer, position”
    • ex: “ABC Elementary PTA by: Jane Doe, President”

Protect Your PTA from Email-Phishing

Both email-phishing scams and crypto ransomware/malware are increasingly common and can have devastating impacts on businesses and non-profit associations of all sizes. As a non-profit association, PTA can be vulnerable to these types of cyber-crimes at all levels and, in fact, we have heard reports of email-phishing scams happening to local leaders (including recently here within the Sixth District area).
Email-phishing scams are typically fraudulent email messages appearing to come from legitimate enterprises (e.g., your PTA treasurer or president, your Internet service provider, your bank).
  • These messages usually direct you to a spoofed website or otherwise get you to divulge private information such as bank account information or account passwords.
  • The perpetrators then use this private information to commit identity theft or trick you to wire money.
Information to keep in mind:
  • As a reminder, PTA policy states that payments can only be made by a check with two signatures. 
  • If you get an email from a fellow PTA officer asking to wire funds, do not send money.
  • Establish communication “backchannels” such as text message or phone calls to verify the authenticity of the request.
  • Additionally, remember to keep your personal and PTA computer systems and firewalls up-to-date to minimize the potential for viruses to inflect your system with malware.
  • New financial procedures for electronic funds transfers and bank bill pay services have been approved by CAPTA. The “Authorization for Payment via EFT/Bank Bill Pay Services” must also be pre-approved and be signed by two authorized check signers before any transfer/transaction may be initiated. Updated information on this new policy (for EFT’s and bank bill pay services) and the new form will be available shortly in the online Toolkit. (2017-18 CAPTA Financial Mailing sent to presidents included information).
    Additional Resources:
    Questions, please contact your council treasurer or Sandee Ruiz, Sixth District PTA treasurer.

Worker’s Comp
All units must fill out a Workers’ Comp Form. 
Yes, every unit.
If you have NOT paid someone:
  • The form must still be turned in.
  • It only takes five (5) minutes.
  • All you need to write is “No One Paid” under “Name of Worker” or “Name of Payee”.
  • The form can be signed by the PTA President or Treasurer.
  • Then sign, seal, and deliver to council (in-council units) or Sixth District (out-of-council units).
If you have you have paid someone:
  • Please see the NEW detailed instructions for the Workers’ Comp form in the Financial Mailing from CAPTA.
  • Your PTA president should have received a copy in the mail or click here for the full packet.
  • The Workers’ Comp form can be signed by the PTA President or Treasurer.
  • Units that do not need to pay any additional persons in December, please send your form in now.
  • If you will still be making a payment in December, please wait to mail the form until the last person is paid.
Questions: Contact Sixth District Treasurer, Sandee Ruiz at

Tax Help Day
Monday, October 30 & Tuesday, November 7
6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Santa Clara Unified School District
Santa Clara, 95051
Use rear parking lot entrance on St Lawrence Dr.
Last appointment at 8:00 pm
RSVP by Oct 25 and Nov 1

Training Opportunities
For All Exec Board Members, Auditors & Parliamentarians
All classes will be held at:
Santa Clara Unified School District
Santa Clara, 95051
Use rear parking lot entrance on St Lawrence Dr.
Monday, October 30 
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
RSVP by Oct 25
Finance for all Officers
  • Managing the PTA’s finances is not just the treasurer’s job.Discover how all board members fit into the finance picture. Attendees will understand the importance of complying with federal government standards needed to protect the assets of the PTA.
Parliamentarian Basics
  • We will discuss the role and duties of the parliamentarian. We will also review unit bylaws. Learn what is in your bylaws and why. Knowing what’s in your bylaws can make you a better officer and PTA member. Make your PTA life easier – Get the most out of your bylaws!
Tuesday, November 7 
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
RSVP by Nov 1
How to Audit PTA Books
  • Don’t wait until the end of the year to prepare for the audit. Get simple strategies and tips for making audits a piece of cake! Learn how to plan, conduct and report the outcome of your PTA audit. Reassure your members their resources are being managed in a businesslike manner which complies with all regulations. This workshop is not just for auditors; any officer, especially the president, treasurer and secretary, would benefit from understanding what is required to pass a PTA audit.
Parliamentarian: Nominations & Elections
  • The Parliamentarian begins the annual process for nominations and elections; we’ll discuss the timeline, what’s in your bylaws of who is involved, how to elect the Nominating Committee, how PTA elections happen, and finally discuss meeting procedures using Robert’s Rules of Order for parliamentary procedure

2017-2018 Membership Incentives
To reward units for increasing the number of members this year, Sixth District is offering an incentive plan. Ther are two ways to be recognized and two challenges:
  1. Greatest percentage increase over last year’s paid paid memberships or
  2. Greatest actual increase in the number of memberships over last year.

Time to Bind the Minutes
The minutes must be pasted in a permanent book or bound at the end of the year.
  • Both executive and association meeting minutes must be included.
  • All financial reports become a part of the minutes and need to be included.
  • For each meeting minutes, please include any additional attachments that are mentioned in the minutes (sign-in sheets, committee reports, etc).

School’s Almost Out, Are You Checking Out?
Stop! Not Quite Done Yet!
It’s the mad dash rush season right now and you can hardly wait for the summer break.
But your PTA year runs until June 30 and all officers still have their responsibilities and are accountable as board members for another five (5) or so weeks.
That means you as a board need to make sure that:
Let’s finish things right and be truly free for the summer!

End-of-Year Financial Checklist
  • Ensure all membership per capita dues have been forwarded through channels.
  • Research any checks that have not cleared -reissue lost checks, void the ones the payee request to not reissue ie donate
  • Prepare treasurer report from last association meeting to June 30
  • Prepare Annual Financial Report
  • Submit books and financial records to outgoing auditor for Year-end Audit, as stipulated in the bylaws (after close of fiscal year).
  • After audit if needed, revise Annual Financial Report and prepare tax returns (end of fiscal year).
  • Give financial records and materials to the incoming financial officer (except those in audit).

Annual Financial Report and Year-End Audit
Q. Who does the Annual Financial Report, Year-End Audit, and Taxes for 2016-2017?
     a. Incoming Treasurer and Auditor
     b. Outgoing Treasurer and Auditor
Answer: (b) The outgoing treasurer is responsible for both the Annual Financial Report and tax forms, and the outgoing auditor is responsible for conducting the Year-End audit.
The “Annual Financial Report” is done at the end of the fiscal year (June 30 for most units in Sixth District) and is a summary of income/gross receipts and all expenses/disbursements of the unit for the fiscal year (July 1June 30). Using your past “Treasurer’s Reports”, summarize all income/receipts and expenses/disbursements.
The Annual Financial Report should be prepared prior to the audit and given to the auditor with your other treasurer records.
After the Audit ReportAudit Checklist, and recommendations are completed, both the Annual Financial Report and Year-end Audit should be presented to the executive board and then to the general membership (first association meeting of the year).
The outgoing treasurer completes the tax returns and presents them to the executive board. The taxes cannot be sent in until they have been reviewed by the executive board.

Start Planning Your Membership Campaign
Now is the time to start planning for your fall campaign. Yes, already!
Here’s tip #1 for organizing and running a PTA membership campaign that can be fun – and easy! Watch the video, Marketing Your PTA, on California State PTA’s website.

May To-Do List (Incoming Board)
  • Hold your first board-elect meeting
  • Set board expectations, protocols, and norms concerning procedures
  • Confirm that all your officers are members of your PTA
  • Check bylaws and fill open positions
  • Update the roster in PTAEZ to keep it current
  • View the online Toolkit to learn what to do
  • Attend Sixth District training on May 20 or your council’s training
  • Review the preliminary budget
May To-Do List (Current Board)
  • Enter next year’s roster into PTAEZ
  • Assist incoming president with next year’s budget
  • Work with incoming president for transition of responsibilities
  • Work with Historian to complete the Annual Historian Report
  • Encourage incoming officers to register and attend Saturday, May 20 training
  • Hold incoming/outgoing board meeting
All Officers:

Membership Envelopes
Membership envelopes for 2017-2018 can be ordered now. Please download the order form, fill it out, and mail it with a check to:
Sixth District PTA
1290 Ridder Park Dr., M/C 214
San Jose, CA 95131
Envelopes are available in English/Spanish or English/Spanish/Vietnamese.
Prices are listed on the form.

Annual Historian Report
It’s time to gather volunteer hours and submit your annual historian’s report. Please be sure to estimate volunteer hours through June 30.
We are also asking you to send brief descriptions of two or three successful PTA programs or events held at your unit or council. Tell us what you did and we’ll highlight them in a publication for all to enjoy.
The tally should include all hours of volunteer service since the beginning date of the unit’s year, for most it is July 1. (This date can be found in your PTA unit bylaws.) All activities related to PTA functions are counted as volunteer hours, including:
  • Attendance at meetings, workshops, and other functions as a representative of PTA.
  • If your PTA helps in the recruiting, training, and coordinating room parents, all of that time in the classroom is counted.
  • Travel time to and from PTA activities, including Council and District activities.
  • Telephone/e-mail time regarding PTA business.
  • Time spent writing PTA agendas, minutes, correspondence, reports, newsletter articles, etc.
  • Time spent on PTA-related activities at school or within your community.
  • PTA training and convention attendance (except time eating and sleeping).
  • Estimates are acceptable.
Where is the form?
Historian Report for Units        [English]     [Spanish]
Historian Report for Councils    [English]
Download to fill it out. You can write the descriptions of your successes on the back.
Submit your historian’s report: 
In-council Units: To your council. Check with your council for their due date.
Out-of-council Units: To Sixth District by May 1.
Councils: To Sixth District by May 10.
Reports being submitted to Sixth District can be sent by email to Dinah Showman at or mailed to:
Dinah Showman, Historian
Sixth District PTA
1290 Ridder Park Drive, M/C 214

San Jose, CA 95131

Thursday, April 27 to Saturday, April 29
8 am to 7 pm, each day
Must be available ALL three days
The CAPTA convention committee is searching for 10 customer-service oriented and highly motivated full time local volunteers.
  • You must be available to work ALL three (3) days from 8:00 am – 7:00 pm.
  • Parking and registration (non-voting) will be provided.
  • You will be primarily assisting in the PTA Store from Thursday throughSaturday, April 28th – 30th. You may also be asked to cover other convention assignments should the need arise; however, your primary post will be in the PTA Store.
  • Lunch and breaks will be managed by our Local Committee Member.
  • You may be able to attend some events and workshops if scheduling permits.
  • Since the PTA Store is closed on Sunday, you may attend any Sundayworkshops and the final general meeting, too.
Questions, please contact Vera Johnson at

It’s Election Time!
PTA elections take place in March or April –
your nominating committee should be hard at work!
Your bylaws indicate when your elections are to take place.
Strategies for Filling Boards
PTA leaders rarely come forward to be considered for a position.
personal “ask” or recruitment by a nominating committee member is always more effective than a generic flier asking for volunteers!
According to an article by Thomas McKee  “Marketing alone does not get volunteers. You need to follow up marketing with the sales method of recruiting: 1. Publicize your mission so that people see the value of the work and start to think ‘I can be of value there.’ and 2. Follow up with personal contact – the face to face invite and recruitment.”
Sixth District: Information on Conducting PTA Elections [News Flash]
Finding the Best People to Lead Your PTA
Most PTA’s want to have their nominating committee, find the best nominee for each position, and to have those individuals be a team that will work well together.
To help your nominating committee get started with the process, we have resources from CAPTA and Georgia State PTA:
Nominating Committee First Meeting Agenda
Nominating Candidates Contact Record

Sixth District PTA Parent Conference 
Parent Education Conference
Free “Super Parenting” Workshops
Saturday, Jan 21, 2017 
8:00 am – 9:15 am Registration
9:15 am – 1:00 pm Workshops
Peterson Middle School
1380 Rosalia Drive [map]
Sunnyvale, 94087
Parent Workshops are FREE and open to all.
Space is limited.
Please sign up early to get your first choice of workshops.

Presented by Sixth District PTA with workshop leaders from Strong Start, the local district attorney’s office, and even a superintendent, learn about the pitfalls of social media, how to have an emotionally intense conversation, tips on working with principals and superintendents & more!
The Parent Education Conference includes continental breakfast and two workshop sessions. Each of our six workshops will be presented in Session 1 and repeated again in Session 2.

CAPTA Financial Mailing
The CAPTA financial mailing should have arrived in your mailbox. It has your unit’s insurance policy for 2017, information about the required government filings, and the required Workers’ Compensation form. It has information about how to fill out the forms and how to apply for additional insurance coverage if your unit needs it. This packet is important!
Membership resources, assistance available year-round
Membership resources and more are available for you all year long at :
  • Webinars
  • Graphics, logos and social-media icons
  • Flier templates
  • PTA merchandise and materials
  • PTA Toolkit — available in English and Spanish
  • Running Your PTA…Made Easy — available in English and Spanish
  • And more!
Media Training

Check out this recent webinar featuring tips on how to get reporters the information they need to help share your story — and spread the importance of local PTA membership!

Don’t miss California State PTA’s September 24 Regional Leadership Conference
California State University Maritime Academy
200 Maritime Academy Dr., Vallejo, Calif. 94590
Saturday, September 24; 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

$20 Registration Includes Breakfast and Lunch

You’re invited to join California State PTA leaders, local officers and volunteers for a day of leadership training, workshops, table talks and networking Saturday, September 24 in Vallejo:

  • Workshops will provide information to help PTA presidents, treasurers, parliamentarians, secretaries, council leaders and membership officers succeed
  • Speakers will engage participants on the latest hot topics including family engagement, fundraising, health, community concerns and legislation
  • General Session will feature California State PTA’s School Smarts Parent Engagement Program, working with school administrators and powering up your PTA board
  • Vendors will feature goods and services to help your PTA shine!
Reviewing School Year 2015-16:

Every PTA board should evaluate the term’s work and prepare recommendations for the next term. What worked? What didn’t? What do you recommend? Your insights and feedback are valuable to incoming officers!

Projects and Programs

  • Did the PTA achieve the goals set at the beginning of the term? If not, what needs to be done?
  • Did the officers and chairmen know what was expected of them?
  • Were efforts made to include more members in planning and working toward achieving those goals?


  • Did the PTA membership increase this term?
  • Was an effort made to include more new members?
  • Were the association meetings well attended?
  • Was the association included in the decision-making process of the organization?
  • Was the membership kept informed of PTA events and programs?

Training/Leadership Development

  • Were the officers and chairmen notified of all training opportunities and encouraged to attend?
  • Did officers and chairmen take advantage of training opportunities?
  • Was the association represented at council/district PTA meetings?
  • Did your PTA send representation to the annual convention? If so, now is the time to make sure they share the resources and information, and what they learned with your PTA.
Incoming boards: Get a head start now!
Board-elects can start planning and meeting in April, May, and June, to prepare before your term begins on July 1!
All of the forms above are on [click here] or click on each one individually above.
Start getting organized for next year now.
Note: Please plan to attend Sixth District’s 
Spring Leadership Training with
in-depth training for officer positions on  
Saturday, May 21, 2016.
Tips on PTA nominations and elections

The strength and viability of any PTA depends on the commitment and effectiveness of its PTA leaders.

The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to seek those members best suited to serve in the positions needed. Look for those who possess the skills needed and have strengths that will benefit your PTA. Learn more.

As nominations and elections take place, be sure that every potential PTA officer understands the responsibilities of the job they are accepting. It’s best to leave a position open and look for someone who understands what is expected, rather than fill a spot with a warm body. Learn more about officers’ responsibilities.

PTA elections are held according to your specifications in your bylaws. Not sure how to conduct the election? Look here for more information and assistance.

Northern California PTA Leaders: FREE training on assessments and public speaking

Take advantage of this great opportunity to build capacity for your local unit as well as your own professional skills. Learn how to present and speak with your school community and with the media.


  • San MateoMarch 10, 6 – 9 p.m.; San Mateo Foster City School District Office, 1170 Chess Dr., Foster City
  • Contra CostaMarch 11, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.; San Ramon Community Center, Terrace Room, 12501 Alcosta Blvd., San Ramon
  • Santa ClaraMarch 12, 9 a.m. – noon; Peterson Middle School, 1380 Rosalia Ave., Sunnyvale.

All PTA unit, council and district leaders are welcome to attend any of these events! This is a “train the trainer” setting and participants will be asked to present information to their PTAs or be available to speak with local media.

The events are entirely FREE and include travel reimbursements, snacks, materials and resources.RSVP to with name and contact information, which training you will attend, the names and number of people attending with you and your PTA’s unit name.

Dear Treasurers, Presidents, and other officers too,
      If you do not think you will be able to file by November 15,
      you MUST file IRS Form 8868
      by Friday, November 13 for a 3-month extension.
  • Reason for sending Form 8868 by Nov 13 – we have seen units in the past have issues where the IRS has rejected Form 8868 for being postmarked on the last day the return can be filed.
  • Form can be e-filed (see IRS website for authorized vendors). Cost $10-15 to e-file
  • By filing the extension, your PTA unit automatically gets an extension from the State of California (FTB and Attorney General).
  • It is okay to file Form 8868 now and still plan on finishing your tax return byNov 15. But this will give you peace of mind, in case you are not able to finish the return.
  • If you do not file the tax forms, and do not file an extension, the penalties just from the IRS have been running in the range of $2000 – 3000.
  • As always, if you receive a letter from the IRS, FTB, or CA Attorney General, please contact your council and Sixth District.
  • Extension is NOT available for units whose income is under $50,000.
      Information on filing the 990EZ/990, 199, and RRF-1 (from NF, Oct 19):
All PTA units have to file three returns each year by November 15. You mustfile one, to each of the following agencies:
  • IRS – Form 990EZ or 990
  • California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) – Form 199
  • California Attorney General – Form RRF-1
IRS rule: a PTA/PTSA will automatically lose its tax exempt status for not filing for
        three consecutive years so, file now!
FTB rule: every unit must file or have filed for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 byNovember 15 or they will lose California tax exempt status.
We have a drop-in Finance Help Day on Friday, October 23 (10:00 am to 3:00 pm) at Gunderson High School, San Jose.
Note: At Sixth District we can answer a question about the 990EZ or 990, but we cannot help you do the forms. Your PTA unit can hire a tax professional, it is an expense that can be approved by the association. From the Toolkit, “Consider hiring an outside professional well-versed in nonprofit tax requirements to complete the PTA tax forms. Tax filings are complex even for many professionals. No volunteer should feel stressed doing them or embarrassed not to do them.” But if you do hire a tax consultant, know that not all tax professionals understand non-profit filing. Make sure they address their questions to California State PTA via the Tax Filing Support Center, not the government agency.


990 and 990EZ Filing Requirements
    990EZ – Equal to or more than $50,000 and less than $200,000 and total assets are less than $500,000
990 – Equal to or more than $200,000 or more and total assets are equal to or more than $500,000


   To file the 990EZ or 990
    Your unit must also file Schedule A and most likely Schedule O.
     Depending on your situation, there may be other schedules to file.
     Electronically file –
                 Less than $100,000 – no fee; More than $100,000 – fees start at $35
     Or find a paper copy – Form 990EZ or Form 990 
                 Mail your form 990EZ or 990 to: Dept of the Treasury
                                                                 Internal Revenue Center
                                                                 Ogden, UT 84201-0027
      Official name is PTA California Congress of Parents.
              All PTA’s in California have this official name with the IRS.
      DBA (doing business as) – use your PTA unit’s name (the name on the cover of your bylaws)
Mail the 199 to the FTB – Form 199 and Instructions 
       Your official PTA name for the FTB is:
              Your PTA unit’s name (the name on the cover of your bylaws)
       PTAs – check box L to avoid the $10 filing fee.
       Box H – answer is yes; Parent Name is California State PTA
CA Attorney General
Mail the RRF-1 to the CA Attorney General. Form RRF-1
CT Number: Enter Charitable Trust Number
Your official PTA name for the CA Attorney General is:
        Your PTA unit’s name (the name on the cover of your bylaws)
Address: Use school address
CA Corp Number: Use the Entity or FTB number
Federal Employer ID Number: Enter your EIN
On the RRF-1, you will need to fill-in a number for gross receipts and one for total assets.
         What’s in all of your checking/saving accounts on June 30
You must include a check – fee schedule is on the form.
Tips for filing your forms:
* Use your official PTA name
    Official name is PTA California Congress of Parents (all PTA’s in California have
             this official name with the IRS)
    DBA (doing business as) – use your PTA unit’s name (the name on the cover of
              your bylaws)
   FTB and CA Attorney General
    Official name is your PTA unit’s name (the name on the cover of your bylaws)
* Make sure you are also using the correct identification numbers  
  (EIN, Entity Number, and CT Number)
    These numbers can be found in your bylaws, ARTICLE XIII – FISCAL YEAR AND
    IDENTIFICATION NUMBER or contact your council PTA or district PTA.
 * The Group Exemption Number is 0646, which you will need for the 990EZ/990.
* RRF-1 – Question 9
   Did your organization have prepared an audited financial statement in accordance with
generally accepted accounting principles for this reporting period?
   The answer is no, unless your unit paid several thousand dollars to an accounting firm
   to do the audit.
* If using a tax consultant, know that not all tax professionals understand  
  non-profit filing.
   Make sure they address their questions to California State PTA via the Tax Filing
Support Center, not the government agency.
Whenever you receive correspondence from a governmental agency,be sure to check with your district PTA and provide them with a copy of what you received. Do not call the government agency directly because California State PTA has a relationship with these agencies and can more effectively and correctly address any issues that arise.
If you do not think you will be able to file by November 15, please file Form 8868 for a 3-month extension.
By filing the extension, your PTA unit automatically gets an extension from the State of California (FTB and   Attorney General). If you do not file the tax forms and do not file an extension, the penalties just from the IRS   have been running in the range of $2000 – 3000.
That being said, we would like to encourage all units to try to file no later than Friday, Oct 30.
Please go to CAPTA’s website for the California State PTA Tax Filing Support Center for additional information.

Don’t forget dads and dudes…

It’s a guy thing! Dads, stepdads, grandfathers and male caregivers all play a big role in our kids’ future success.

Men can also play a big role in our local PTAs as well! Nearly half of men who responded to a recent National PTA survey said they hadn’t gotten involved with PTA simply because they weren’t asked.

So invite the men in their children’s lives to get involved, and take your PTA to places with large male contingents – such as service clubs – to share our message and ask for participation and membership. Check out more tips for getting guys involved in your PTA!

Keep the membership excitement going! 

Kicking off a PTA membership campaign at the start of the school year can feel like a whirlwind — fliers, posters, membership envelopes, incentives, social-media posts, back-to-school night and more. But it’s all to help our children, schools and communities!

It’s more important than ever to keep the excitement going for PTA membership and to reach out again to parents, families, teachers, administrators and the community about joining your PTA.

Be sure to check out the resources and tools for building membership and marketing PTA online at

Membership marketing resources available online

California State PTA is making membership campaigns easier than ever with a variety of great tools available online to help you, including customizable fliers, how-to videos, social-media graphics,membership-card templates and more. Plus, if you missed the last few Membership Monday eBlasts, you can now access them online, too!

Shop for coordinated marketing materials in the PTA Store

Check out coordinated marketing materials from the PTA Store. Now when your PTA reaches
out, you can utilize professionally created posters, lawn signs, tablecloths and more.

Great resources to share with families 

Want some great materials you can copy and hand out to parents and families at Back-to-
School Night or at PTA events? We have a variety of great resources available to help show
parents and families at your school how PTA is engaged on important issues such as:
  • Quick guides to understanding the new Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs) (in Englishand Spanish).
  • Health and academic achievement go hand-in-hand(in English and Spanish)

Health events are PTA membership opportunities

Health-related events are great opportunities to build family engagement, as well as to create healthier communities and to increase your PTA membership!

Hosting a health fair or related event during the back-to-school season allows your PTA to share practical and valuable health information by:

  • Promoting good health and emphasizing the practice of good health habits
  • Providing screening services for your school and community (and follow-up when screenings indicate further testing is required)
  • Utilizing health-care professionals to identify potential health-related problems that can be eliminated or prevented from becoming serious if properly treated
  • Providing your community with a variety of health-education information and resources, including resources from PTA such as the California State PTA health newsletter
  • Connecting with health organizations and agencies in your community.

A health event is an invaluable service to your school and community and can be an exciting and rewarding experience for everyone! Don’t forget to set up a PTA membership table as well and talk with parents and families about all the great work your PTA is doing to help keep students healthy and ready to learn.

Share your PTA membership success stories!
Did your PTA host an event that helped to build membership? Do you have a tip for building membership, or just want to share a membership success story from your PTA? We welcome your ideas and feedback so we can share them with all PTA leaders across the state! Email us or share your photos and stories with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Best practice: Create a membership contest

Consider establishing a contest to build membership. Reward the classroom that brings in the most memberships, or offer individual contest incentives. Your contest should include a theme. Choosing the right theme can make a big difference in your membership growth for the year:
  • PTAs may select the current California State PTA or National PTA themes.
  • The school mascot or community symbol can serve as inspiration.
  • The theme should appeal to everyone your PTA is trying to reach.
  • Consider using theme-related incentives and rewards to promote membership growth.

Make membership about men

There are more than 70 million fathers in the United States. That means 70 million possibilities for PTA membership, inclusion, engagement and strength for our schools and kids.

Recruiting men as PTA members may mean rethinking how your PTA is run on a day-to-day basis. If your PTA mostly relies on female caregivers, reaching out to men may involve breaking down barriers and trying new approaches and strategies:

  • Communicate directly to dads – How you and your PTA speak to members and potential members can impact the level of men’s involvement. Simply slimming down language and shortening messages in your communications can be more appealing to male readership. And be always sure to explain and emphasize how men’s unique involvement benefits kids.
  • Just ask – Nearly half of men who responded to a recent National PTA survey said they haven’t gotten involved with PTA simply because they weren’t asked. Those involved said their spouses’ participation led to their own involvement. So encourage women in your PTA to invite the men in their children’s lives to get involved, and take your PTA to places with large male contingents – such as service clubs – to share our message and ask for participation and membership.
  • Create men-focused groups and events – Surveys also show that men prefer to volunteer for hands-on projects and dad-only events with clear expectations. So organize special events and groups for dads to enjoy working on and being involved with together and define volunteer roles and expectations.
  • Respect men’s time – More than 70 percent of recently surveyed dads said time was a barrier to PTA involvement, and the majority said they wanted fewer meetings at more convenient times. Make efforts to schedule workdays in mind for all parents and organize results-driven meetings with clear agendas and topics.
  • Celebrate engagement – When you start getting more men involved, it’s great to celebrate! Letting the school community know will help emphasize and publicize your welcoming environment for all parents and members. Thank dads publicly at meetings and in your PTA communications, and always encourage more male membership – we’re all in it together for our kids!

It’s easy to set up your own PTA welcome event.

  • Work with school staff to request a table and arrange to have it set up in front of the school or in the quad.
  • Arrange to have coffee and juice available.
  • Have students and volunteer decorate banners for the table, or place an order through the PTA Store. Check out the “Promote Your PTA” items for package discounts. (Design #8 is the official California State PTA design.)
  • Talk with your school principal and see if he or she is available to attend.
  • Download, print and share PTA resources on topics such as the new California state standards,understanding the new student assessment score reports or 100 ways to help your child succeed.
  • SMILE! Welcome parents and ask them to join PTA to support their child, school and community.

Resources: Video, fliers and more!

Learn How to Develop a Membership Campaign for Your PTA
Never run a membership campaign? No problem! Watch the video below to learn more and stay tuned for upcoming webinars to learn even more!

Customizable Membership Marketing Flier
We’ve got an easy way to invite your parents, school staff and community members to join your PTA – the customizable marketing flier! Simply customize by filling in the blanks on the template, add a few photos and quotes, and save it to your computer. Take a look at the sample flier and download the template. (Also available in Spanish.)

Best practice: Choose a membership theme 

This year, California State PTA is encouraging local units to “FOCUS ON MEMBERSHIP.” Choosing a theme for your PTA membership campaign generates interest and enthusiasm. It can also help make planning membership events and incentives much easier.

You can choose your own to help build PTA membership at your school. You can also take advantage of using “PTA Connects Families, Schools and Communities” — the theme proven most effective with potential members. Check out some great membership theme ideas.

Please remember that PTA Membership recruitment and marketing is a yearlong effort.

Looking for ways to increase your membership? Just ask…

Dr. Vincent Matthews, Superintendent of SJUSD and your SJUSD Board member.
Mayor San Liccardo and your SJ City Councilmember
Members of the neighborhood association (they care what’s going on at their neighborhood school, too).
And, don’t forget your student can be a member too.

Want to learn more, see the national PTA website for more reasons why joining PTA is great for you, your student and the community.