Volunteer and Access the PTA Convention for Free

We’re looking for volunteers to help at the 2019 California State PTA Annual Convention! Do you want to make a difference in the lives of California children and families? Volunteer for shifts (4-6 hours) from Wednesday, May 15 through Saturday, May 18 and help California State PTA at the largest school-based convention in the nation.

When you volunteer for one shift, you will be given free access to the rest of that day’s events. If you volunteer for an afternoon shift, come to the Volunteer Registration booth at the start of that day to obtain a badge for the morning events. If you volunteer for a morning shift, the afternoon events will be free for you.

If you volunteer for two NON-consecutive shifts, or two consecutive shifts (with a break), you will be given free access to another full day of your choice at the Convention.

We will make every effort to accommodate requests for specific job assignments, however it may be necessary to assign you where needed. Assignments are made at the start of each shift, not in advance for any particular day or shift.

Note: If you have already registered and paid for Convention, we’re sorry, but you will not be able to request a refund for any days you volunteer. We’d still appreciate your help, though!

Volunteer assignments may include:

  • Tote bag stuffing
  • Registration
  • PTA Store
  • Exhibit hall
  • General sessions

Please send any questions to  volunteers@capta.org.  Register to volunteer today

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