Gardner Academy the neighborhood school for you!

Two academic programs offered:

  • Structured English Immersion (SEI) – offering one class at every grade level.
    Teachers modify their instruction and employ strategies to make the core content understandable for English Learners, helping them maintain grade level competency.
  • Two-Way Bilingual Immersion (TWBI) – offering two classes at every grade level.
    The TWBI program features native Spanish-speaking students as role models for English speaking students in primary grades. During the Academic English Language class (20% of each class day), English speaking students become the role
    models. The language model grows over the years with more time each year devoted to learning the English language

Percentage breakdown by grade:
K-1: 80% Spanish: 20% English | 2nd -3rd: 70% Spanish: 30% English, | 4th – 5th: 50% Spanish: 50% English.

502 Illinois Ave., San José:

February 7th,
March 7th,
April 4th and 25th,
May 30th

Please RSVP Amparo 408-535-6225

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