Dashboard Basics for Families – Parent Ed

Saturday, May 19
10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Peterson Middle School
1380 Rosalia Ave 
Registration required (please provide name and school)
Mary Perry, California State PTA VP for Education will lead an interactive workshop for parents & guardians!
Learn how to:
  • Use the CA School Dashboard online tool to measure school & district success.
  • Search for and analyze your school’s data.
  • Understand how the Dashboard data & the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) work together.
  • Explore your role in helping your school and school district succeed in the coming year!
CAPTA: Meet the Dash [Video – 2:35 minutes]
         : California School Dashboard Tutorial [Video – 1:50 minutes]
Ed100: Lesson 9.7 The Dashboard: Measuring California School Performance
Edsource: Contrary to critics, parents tell pollster they find California’s school dashboard useful [Article]
Questions or to RSVP (send your name and your school’s name) to education@capta6.org.
Note: Both officer training and this workshop for parents/guardians will be taking place at Peterson MS on the same day.

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