Sixth District Spring Training: Saturday, May 19th

Exciting news!!
Council Officers can attend this year’s Spring Training for FREE!
We have found a common problem throughout our units this year has been the result of miscommunication and conflict. We are excited to have California State PTA VP of Leadership, Tom Horn, present a workshop to help us deal with these issues:
Managing People and Conflict
  • This workshop will focus on developing leadership skills to assist in creating and managing cohesive relationships in your PTA work.  We will walk you through practical steps to prevent and manage conflict, and the information learned in this workshop can also be useful in other aspects of your personal life.
Council officers who sign up for this workshop can also attend any other workshops for FREE! If you are attending the whole day, you will also receive free lunch.
Diane Foote will be presenting two workshops specific to Council officers:
Council 1: Officer Training
  • It’s different outside the individual unit!  Understand your new role as a council leader.  Required officer positions will be covered.  You are an important link in the PTA structure, and there are resources and tools to help you support your members. 
Council 2: Unit Financials provide a window into the Unit
  • Council and District PTAs have the responsibility to collect and review financial reports and tax filings. What does that mean?  Let’s get together and discuss the financial documents you should be collecting (and forwarding to Sixth District), what you’re looking for in these documents, and how to communicate with units what you found in reviewing their financial documentation.  We have the cheat sheets and can help you develop a strategy for collecting and reviewing.  Financial health is only one indication of the health of a PTA.
We encourage all council officers to attend these workshops.
You may want to attend the regular workshop for your position so that you can be prepared to lead training in your councils as needed.
Check for training day information and the registration link.
Use discount code: COUNCIL to set the registration fee to $0. You will be billed the full fee if the Conflict workshop is not included in your registration, or you do not cancel by 5/11/18.
Saturday, May 19, 2018
8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Peterson Middle School
1380 Rosalia Dr., Sunnyvale 94087

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