Late elections? Here are tips to help

We hope that all PTA units, councils and districts elect nominating committees and hold elections as specified in their bylaws. We know there are instances where this does not happen. What happens then?

The election may now take place at a regular association or special meeting with 10 days’ notice to the membership. The required 30-day notice for elections to be held at the annual meeting has closed. If the nominating committee was not elected, the nominations for all offices will come from the “floor.” This does not mean a group cannot get together and discuss, but there can be no official action from a nominating committee.

If the election takes place after the local association officers’ term has ended, the council or the district conducts the election because there are no longer any local association officers able to conduct business.

Here are the steps for the nomination process:

  • The officer conducting the elections states, “Nominations are now open for the office of president.”
  • Nominations are taken and the officer then states, “Are there further nominations from the floor?”
  • If none are forthcoming, then the election officer states, “I declare the nominations for president are closed.”

This process is followed for each office, and the election follows. If there is more than one person nominated for an office, a ballot vote may be taken on just that office. If there is only one candidate nominated for each office, the officer conducting the election states, “As there is but one nominee for each officer, I declare the nominated slate elected.” This action is called election by acclamation.

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