Governor Brown Signs PTA-supported Bills

Governor Brown signs PTA-supported bills
PTA power in action!

Speaking up on behalf of all children and families is one thing that makes PTA entirely unique. That’s why we’re excited to share how PTA advocacy efforts have made a difference!

Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law 40 bills supported by PTA this legislative session. Some of the top priroity bills include:

•AB 1369 – Helps teachers, parents and professionals in identifying, assessing and improving educational services for dyslexic students.

•AB 216 – Makes it illegal to sell or provide materials that deliver non-nicotine products in a vaporized state to anyone under the age of 21.
•SB 172 – Suspends the High School Exit exam and retroactively qualifies anyone who completed all other requirements for graduation and failed the exam to be eligible for a diploma.
•SB 242 – Would require the approval of a school-governing board before a school district police dept. could receive surplus military equipment.
•SB 277 – Requires all students to be immunized prior to attending school unless a physician declares an exemption.

Your efforts at the local, regional and state levels continue to to ensure the voices of California’s 9 million California children are heard.